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Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Paying attention to kitchen renovation is crucial during the home renovation process. It would be more challenging to have a small kitchen with limited space. In that case, implementing various ideas would be a significant undertaking. If you are looking to renovate your small kitchen, our experts at Lavish Maison have compiled a list of small kitchen renovation ideas that can help you.

 The Power of Light and Color: Making Your Kitchen Look Bigger

If you have a small kitchen, you can make it appear larger during a home renovation. However, before undertaking such a project, you can create the illusion of a larger kitchen by cleverly utilizing light and color.

Use light colors in the kitchen whenever possible. Walls, cabinets, countertops, and backsplash are good examples of using light colors. Light colors, such as white, yellow, or beige, can create a sense of openness and brightness, making the kitchen appear larger and more inviting. This is achieved through transparency and spaciousness. Adding a bit of contrast here is also a good idea. For that reason, you can choose hardware, appliances, or accessories in darker colors.

In addition to using bright colors, maximize the amount of natural light entering the house. For this purpose, make sure to have a well-placed window in the kitchen or nearby to allow more natural light to enter the space. At Lavish Maison, we prioritize this factor in our home renovation projects.

If natural light cannot enter the kitchen, you should invest in artificial lighting. Lighting can significantly enhance the appearance and ambiance of your kitchen. Replace the old lamps with more energy-efficient ones, use under-cabinet lights, and add pendant lights or recessed lights. These are all good examples of improvements in lighting.

Our experts at Lavish Maison generally suggest considering these factors when choosing a color for a small kitchen:

  • Avoid using too many colors or patterns
  • Consider the style and mood you want to create
  • Use a color wheel to find complementary or contrasting colors
  • Experiment with different finishes and textures
  • Test the color before you commit

Should I Completely Avoid Dark Colors in Small Kitchen Renovation?

Based on the aforementioned factors, should darker colors not be used in the kitchen? The simple answer to this question is no. You might be surprised because everything we said before was about the positive aspects of using bright colors. But it is important to note that when selecting colors for a small kitchen, the homeowner’s preferences and style are the key factors to consider.

Using dark colors in the small kitchen renovation made the kitchen appear even smaller. Dark colors can also add contrast and drama to the kitchen, emphasizing the architectural features and accessories. The most crucial issue in choosing a color for a small kitchen renovation is considering which color or colors you feel most comfortable with. It is also essential to consider the color combination of the kitchen and other parts of the house.

Optimize Your Storage

Another small kitchen renovation idea is to maximize your storage space as much as possible. This way, you can maximize limited kitchen space and create more room for essential kitchen items. This task can be completed more efficiently during the house renovation. At Lavish Maison, we are addressing the issue of home renovation in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

If you plan to completely renovate your kitchen, it is also a good idea to replace your appliances. The manufacturers have reasonable offers for small kitchens nowadays. By replacing appliances, not only can you create more space, but you can also save more energy. In an article titled “The Environmental Benefits of Home Renovation,” we discussed the importance of conserving energy. It is a good idea to search for compact or mini versions of appliances, consider multifunctional or versatile appliances, and choose energy-efficient or eco-friendly appliances during the renovation process.

How can I create Additional Storage in a Small Kitchen Renovation?

There are still additional solutions that can help create more space in your kitchen. Installing wall-mounted shelves or racks, using drawer organizers or dividers, adding hooks or magnets to hang pots, pans, knives, or towels, utilizing the space under the sink or above the refrigerator for extra storage, and choosing cabinets or drawers with pull-out or slide-out features for easy access are some of the best practices to achieve that goal.

You can also consider installing a kitchen island or a peninsula. A kitchen island or peninsula has a significant impact on the kitchen, particularly in a small space. This may not be a DIY project; you must hire an expert.

A kitchen island or peninsula can provide additional counter space, storage, and seating. In this way, you will have more options for arranging appliances in the kitchen. When renovating a small kitchen, we consider several factors to help you maximize the use of the limited kitchen space. You can fill out a pre-qualification form to receive advice in this field. If you have any questions regarding the home renovation budget and financing, you can utilize our services by completing the pre-qualification form.

Show Your Personality in the Small Kitchen

During a small kitchen renovation, it is essential to add some personality to your space by incorporating elements that reflect your unique style and taste. For this purpose, you can use colors or themes in the kitchen that suit your preferences and match well.

Adding a rug, runner, or mat can bring warmth and texture to your floor. Hanging artwork, photos, or wall posters can add color and character to a space. Placing plants, flowers, or herbs on your windowsill or countertop can bring freshness and life. Displaying candles, jars, or baskets on your shelves or cabinets can add charm and coziness. These are just a few ideas to enhance your space. You can also add accessories or decorations that reflect your personality, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen.

If you have any questions about home renovation in Toronto, we at Lavish Maison are happy to answer them. You can easily contact us.