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Bedroom Design Trends In 2023

It doesn’t matter whether you are designing a bedroom for a new home or want to renovate your bedroom; the bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. Somebody uses the bedroom as a place to work. For others, the bedroom is a place of relaxation. You may want to read a book or watch a movie in the bedroom. It doesn’t matter what you expect from your bedroom, but you should spend the most time designing it. If you want to follow bedroom design trends in 2023, this article can be helpful.

The trends of 2023 will make your bedroom more attractive and relaxing. In the following, we will review some of the 2023 bedroom design and renovation trends selected by our company’s experts.

What Are The Key Elements of Bedroom Design Trends in 2023?

To follow the trends of 2023, you don’t have to change the bedroom entirely. You can change only parts of the room using some elements. Of course, if you plan to renovate the bedroom, you can make more changes.

After years of using artificial materials, in the last few years, the use of natural materials and colors has once again received attention and interest. So, to design the bedroom based on the 2023 trend, you can consider wood, rattan, linen, cotton, wool, and leather. The process of returning to nature has reached North America and Canada from Northern Europe and Scandinavia for several years.

Natural materials and colors add warmth and texture to your room. Also, using these materials makes you feel closer to nature. It is unnecessary to cover all bedrooms with wood when renovating or designing. You can use elements such as wooden beds or natural-made accessories.

Another trend of 2023 is combining patterns and prints. You can experiment with different colors, shapes, and styles, mixing and matching different scales and contrasts. The critical issue here is to maintain balance to avoid overwhelming the eye. Wallpaper is back in the 2023 trend and has gained more interest than before. Designers also use bold prints and patterns to make rooms more attractive.

In addition, you should remember the lighting. Lighting is not only functional but also decorative. You have many options to choose lighting. For example, you can use pendant lights, chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps, or floor lamps. Of course, using natural light is always a priority, but sometimes it’s not accessible.

Consider natural light and oversized windows if you plan a bedroom renovation. We will explain this issue in other articles.

Our Interior Designers’ Proposal for Bedroom Design Based on 2023 Trends?

Suppose you follow the topic more professionally. In that case, our interior designers suggest the following items by examining the 2023 bedroom design trends. Each style has its fans, but the most important thing is to ensure you are comfortable in a bedroom with each design style. In addition, you should consider which design style is closest to your needs. Consider things like functionality, comfort, the budget you intend to spend, and storage solutions in choosing the designing or renovating the bedroom.

  • Natural materials: In this trend, the main goal is the maximum use of natural and sustainable elements.
  • Warm and earthy tones: If you are looking for a cozy and inviting mood bedroom, this trend suits you. In this trend, colors such as clay, coral, amber, plum, mustard, and olive are used for walls, beds, and furniture. These colors should be in contrast with white or neutral backgrounds.
  • Japandi style: minimalist and natural look; This is the main characteristic of Japandi style. This trend combines Scandinavian and Japanese design elements and beige, gray, and blue colors. Wood is the primary material in the Japandi style.
  • Spa-inspired design: If a calm and restful space is essential to you, you should look for a Spa-inspired design. Soft lighting, candles, aromatherapy, soothing colors, and luxurious fabrics are the main features of this design style.
  • Modern accent wall: Textured or graphic wallpaper and paint in different colors or patterns can be seen in this design style.

bedroom with Japandi style based on 2023 trends

The Best Bedroom Colors in 2023

You’ve probably heard about Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023. For 2023, this US-based company chose Viva Magenta as the color of the year. Choosing this color for clothes is a good idea, but you will not change the bedroom color every year by selecting a new color.

The bedroom’s color plays a significant role in the quality of sleep. Colors like blue, green, and lavender make you fall asleep faster and sleep better. On the other hand, colors like red or orange make it challenging to sleep. For this reason, if you are designing or renovating the bedroom based on the 2023 trend, it is better to be more careful about choosing the color.

In addition to choosing calming colors, you should also pay attention to color saturation in the bedroom. For example, blue and green can create a relaxing room atmosphere. To choose the bedroom color, you should pay attention to the amount of natural light that enters the room. If your bedroom has much natural light, using lighter colors reflecting the light is better. On the other hand, if the natural light in the room is low, it is better to use warmer and richer colors.

Thinking About Bedroom Renovation Based on the 2023 Trend? Lavish Maison is here.

If you are considering designing or renovating your bedroom, there are many things to consider. Initially, designing and renovating a bedroom may seem like a DIY project. Still, once you get started, it can be challenging. In the case of bedroom design, the situation is better, and you can do many things yourself. Still, in the case of bedroom renovation, the issue is different.

In bedroom renovation, you must consider various issues such as budget, time, ideas, design, tools, etc. For this reason, the work will be difficult. If you want home renovation in Toronto, Lavish Maison is ready to make your ideas come true.

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